During Autumn, the Ozarks host a gorgeous setting for scenic views and foliage. The Ozark mountains are filled with winding paths, farm life,  and small isolated towns that are only discoverable if you so happen to notice the signage. On this particular venture, I set out to find Devil’s Den located in Winslow, Arkansas. I ended up stumbling upon the ‘town center’ where I took a quick scan around the area and saw the train station, town hall, jail, water department, museum, mercantile, and fire station all within a brief glance. You might not even have to do a 360 degree turn to see it all. Convenience is something we Americans love, and Winslow’s certainly got it.

Winslow, Arkansas

Winslow Train Station

Known for it’s waterfalls and nature hikes, it’s an ideal spot to spend a few hours soaking in mother nature. If you’re not a hiker, you can drive up to the shorter falls and park steps away. Seeing as how I was on a time crunch, I went this route.

Devil's Den, Winslow Arkansas

Devil’s Den Waterfall

Given the recent lack of rain, the falls weren’t running full fledged, but were still gorgeous to me. There’s a ledge between a ‘baby’ lake and the falls that you can stand on so you can have a ‘Jesus moment.’ I really felt like I was walking on water. A larger waterfall can be found off the beaten path via hike, however I’d recommend chatting up the forest ranger on current conditions to make sure it’s flowing before making the trek.

Ozark National Forest

The Ozark National Forest

For the main event, I wanted to give my day a major boost with a glorious foliage filled 3.5 mile hike to Whitaker Point.

Whitaker Point

Trail Head – Whitaker Point

Being the lover of chill that I am, the temp was just right at 46 degrees. Just as expected, the woodsy trail was completely serene and peacefully quiet. About a half mile or so into the hike, incredibly breath-taking views appeared through the trees. If you get tired easily, this will surely quicken your pace. Stopping points are abundant and the bluffs are endless. Thrill-seekers, be careful – signs warn that it is unwise to create your own adventure aka path on these bluffs and for good reason… Changes in weather can cause shifts in the ground which sometimes results in falling rock. I’ll never admit it, but I may or may not have sat on the ledge of one of those bluffs – let’s not follow my lead, lol.

Whitaker Point, Arkansas

Whitaker Point

Alas, I made it to the peak overwhelmed with the insanely beautiful view. I could have spent all day there. I mean see for yourself (below.)

Whitaker Point, Arkansas

Whitaker Point

Honestly, I’d do it all over again and if it were close to my home base, I’d totally go every other day. The hike in all its glory is the absolute best way to clear and relax your mind, get loads of fresh air, treat your eyes to vivid color and insane views and awaken your soul.  I’m so blessed to have an able body to witness the beauty that is Whitaker Point. If hiking is your jam, you must add it to your bucket list.

Speaking of being blessed, sunsets in the Ozarks are stunning. #GodisGood

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