It’s no secret I have an obsession with small towns – especially charming towns such as Eureka Springs. This week I had the pleasure of fully exploring its small town charm and spirited community. You can view all of historic downtown via a trip on the Trolley that circles the town loop. With the perfect scenic backdrop of foliage covered mountains, it makes for an endearing experience. The community is comprised of winding paths with colorful victorian homes festively decorated for the season, various culturally inspired eateries, adorable bed and breakfasts and kitschy shops as well as quirky decorative figures throughout the park.

Eureka Springs

Psychic Figurine

Something else that caught my eye was a work of art painted on a stair case that connects two of the town’s main streets. They call it the “Rainbow Staircase” and is the combination of artwork submitted by Eureka Springs High School artists – Kyla Boardman and Kennedy Cash and designed by Doug Myerscough, an accomplished muralist.

Rainbow Staircase | Eureka Springs

Rainbow Staircase

Also located in the Eureka Springs historic downtown loop is the St. Elizabeth Catholic church known for it’s unattached Bell Tower which also serves as the entrance to the church. Not only is the church a Eureka Springs landmark, it’s listed on the National Historic Register and a “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” most featured location.  The architecture and interiors are remarkable and have been kept perfectly in tact since it first opened during the early 1900s.

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church | Eureka Springs

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church


St. Elizabeth Catholic Church | Eureka Springs

Interior of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church


St. Elizabeth Catholic Church | Eureka Springs

Bell Tower Entrance | St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

Last but not least on the list of must-see spots in Eureka Springs is the stunning Thorncrown Chapel and Worship Center. Located off the beaten path, the modernly structured architecture with woodsy appeal is just scratching the surface of the uniqueness that can be found inside.

Thorncrown Chapel | Eureka Springs

Thorncrown Chapel


Thorncrown Chapel | Eureka Springs

Thorncrown Chapel Interior

The Chapel boasts natural light and captivating views of surrounding scenic nature. Inside, it is perfectly quiet, allowing you to take it all in and observe god’s creation. I might add, it’s just about the most peaceful and tranquil place to worship.

From it’s charm to it’s cultural richness, this small town has a ton of appeal and serves as an eventful pit-stop for explorers and families alike.

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