This Guthrie Green area eatery is the perfect midday lunch option or for those nights you want to drop by a cute little spot with a great menu. You are instantly greeted with inviting, open interiors adorned with floral touches, adorable china plates and a smile from the staff. Insider tip: instant seating for the late lunch crowd (1pm was our arrival time).

Amelia’s put themselves on the downtown map with their self-proclaimed “Gaucho Cuisine” yet offering fare for all appetites. My dinner party opted for the “Ham and Porter Peach BBQ Cheese Burger” and the “Steak and Arugula Flatbread.”

Let’s start with that mouth-watering burger – meaty and cheesy with the perfect amount of peach flavor fused in the bbq sauce. If you’re looking to walk-away pant-button-popping full, this is your best choice.

Now for that wood-fired delicacy they call the Steak and Arugula flatbread… Biting in, I could taste the rosemary (my favorite herb) and a sweet hint of balsalmic dressing with a chunk of steak doused in cheese atop flatbread and instantly thought this might be the dish I would choose if I had to eat the same dish every day for the rest of my life. If you’re a generous person, then you could split this dish with a pal and have a fulfilling lunch. I however, boxed up the rest to savor for later. Would I go again? You bet your sweet gaucho pants I would!